Stadia are having a AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit tomorrow. There are a thousand and one questions. We would love to ask but we have narrowed them down to 5 and the reasons for them as well in no particular order.

Can you clarify the free game situation for Stadia Pro members?

The “free” game situation is confusing at best and very misleading at worse. From wording on tweets sent out on the official account to interviews given by senior members of Stadia there is no consistency on how the “free” games are to be handled.

There are two vastly different system being touted. Firstly that is Playstation Plus system where you add games to your library each month. The second system is the more library of games ala Gamepass or Netflix model. Both systems have there merits and downfalls however I feel this is a very important question to get answered.

While I feel with the new wording coming out it is more Gamepass model they may feel they need to distance themselves from this because of the library of games will probably be a lot lighter.

Are there plans for an Achievement System?

Achievement system love them or hate them are part of the modern gamers life. For some this will make or break there decision to get Stadia. While I am not expecting a screenshot or anything a simple yes or no would acceptable.

When we find out about the UI?

We are 4 months out from launch. Its not unreasonable to ask what will the UI look like and what general features will there will be. I would expect them to announce details in AMA but a timeframe on when we find out would not be an unreasonable ask.

Will Free to Play Games be available on Stadia Base?

We know free to play games are welcomed on Stadia. There again is a lot of ambiguity on whether you would be able to play them on Stadia Base for free. This is just to clear the matter up.

What announced Features will be available at the Founders Launch?

Crowd Play, State Share, recording direct to YouTube are some of the announced features for for Stadia. This is just asking how many will be available at launch if any.

These would be the questions we would ask. We took out the obvious ones like Founders Launch Date, Is game x coming to Stadia etc. What questions would you ask? The Stadia AMA is tomorrow at 10PDT at r/Stadia.