The good news is that Stadia will getting an achievement system but we do not know when or how the achievement system will work. As the achievement system is getting build from scratch these are the 5 things I would like in Stadias achievement system.

1. Opt out

Everybody doesn’t like achievement systems in games. If you don’t want to be disturbed by achievements I would like an option to remove notifications about achievements. That way gamers who do not like them do not need to deal with them.

2. Separated DLC achievements

If there is DLC for a game the additional achievements I would put them in a separate section to the main achievements of the game. This is like the PlayStation trophy system in this regard. For me it is easier and cleaner to see where and what trophies are missing

3. Score based system

I like the score based system with Xbox has. This system allows you to see you score easily. With it being a score it always improves and not held back by levels. Also it can be used for other things as well for example the monthly Gamerscore leaderboard.

4. Platinum trophy equivalent

This is one area that PlayStations trophy system is much better than Xbox’s. The platinum trophy shows you how many games you have completed (without the DLC ) and it’s a lot cleaner too. Getting a platinum trophy feels you are shooting to get something. Getting a 1000 gamer score does not give the same satisfaction as this can become murky due to DLC.

5. Video of getting achievement

As Stadia is connected into YouTube I would like the feature of when you get an achievement a video is automatically uploaded to YouTube. This is is expanding on the PlayStation feature of saving the screenshot.

Achievements are not for everyone but I do like them. They give you a goal in the game, influence you to the play a different way and something to look back on. What features do you want in an achievement system? Do you like them? Comment below.