Boss Games is a series which we talk about what games we would like to come to Stadia. The first game I would like to feature is Farm Anywhere by Milkstone Studios.

Farm Anywhere may come across as a strange game to choose to come to Stadia. It’s a casual game and is already available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. For me its a true gem of game and can be played by anyone, for as long as you want, with or without people and as the name suggests it is much better playing it together.

My time playing Farm Together

I discovered Farm Together on the Xbox as I was feeling a need for a game to play in between my main games. For me I like playing a number of games at the same time and like having a few games I can dip in and out from as a palate cleanser. Farm Together became that game.

The premise is very simple as the title suggests it is farming game. You build your farm up follow quests to level up quicker. These quests are like farm 150 melons, farm 40 chickens or get some fish. All standard fare but they have made the game so much fun.

What makes it a little more challenging is that different crops are only available in different seasons. Also each crop takes a different amount of time to complete. Then you have to water your crops to make them harvest quicker until you level up and get enough of currency to buy sprinklers.

To level up quicker it is better to as the name suggests to Farm Together. Other people can come to your farm and you can go their farm. Which increases the social aspect of the game. For me I play Farm Together with my partner everyday.

What makes Farm Anywhere so special is that you can play how you want and for as long as you want. You can design your farm just for quests or money. Also you can design your farm to look good.

DLC and updates

The developers, Milkstone Studios, are constantly updating the game and adding new features and packs. For example when writing this article there is a limited time event the Solstice Harvest quest. If you complete the quest you can get more items for your farm.

There a lot of free updates and features added to the game on a consistent basis. It really adds to the game and I get the feeling the developers really like this game due to the constant updates.

The paid DLC is optional and you don’t really lose anything if you don’t get it. These packs add cosmetic changes to your character and some additional things to harvest.

Farm Together has some people playing it that you wouldn’t think off. During the pre E3 chat with Major Nelson, Phil Spencer the head of Xbox mentioned he was playing Farm Together on xCloud.

How could it work on Stadia?

Why do I want Farm Together in Stadia. As you can tell I like the game a lot but it’s more than that. With the Crowd play features of Stadia you could get the chance to explore the more innovative farms. By exploring other farms you could get tips on how to develop your farm better . You could also post that you need help on different channels and people can jump straight into your farm and help.

Farm Together is the perfect drop in and drop out game. You could play all day as there is always something to do or you could just log in and gather what you need and go again. With Stadia you would always have you Farm with you, on your phone, tablet, pc or on the Tv.

Possibly the biggest thing which could happen for Farm Together would be the possibility of much larger maps with the need for player lead co-op farms. Where a big farm could be made and have a couple needing to run it. Truly a big chance for Farming Together.

We reached out to Milkstone Studios and at present there no plans for the Stadia version.