If there is one game I would like above all others to showcase Stadia it is Slay the Spire. While there may be more flashier games which could come to Stadia, Slay the Spire has the right ingredients to experiment with cloud gaming possibilities. The good news is the developers MegaCrit are looking into to Stadia.

Slay the Spire is a roguelike deck building game. You start with a choice of three characters who get their own unique abilities and starting cards. Your aim is to make all the way to the top of spire. During your run you will encounter various battles, events, shops and boss battles. Along the way you can collect new cards, remove cards, get relics (which can give help or hinder) and potions.

For success it isn’t about get all the cards and relics it’s about picking the right ones. This is because you need to synergise your cards and relics together to get more powerful. Sometimes you want to a smaller deck as some cards level up the more times you use them. On other times you may want a large deck as you may get curses into deck, by accident or on purpose, and you would like to dilute your deck.

What makes Slay the Spire so unique is that every run is different and there is no right or wrong way to play it. What works on one playthrough could get you killed really quickly on another. There are no guaranteed wins and one misplay can destroy your run. This has happened me to a fair number of times when I get a choose to get game changing card or relic but I don’t have the deck to support it.

So why should it come to Stadia?

The potential for Slay the Spire on Stadia is huge. Firstly it is a perfect candidate for State Sharing on Stadia. Slay the Spire has lots of fun synergies, some hard ones and some seeds which make you think. If you find one you can share your state to everyone so they can play it.

This brings us to the possibility the biggest calling for this state share for Slay the Spire. The game has a number of high profile YouTube stars who play the game for example Northernlion. He has been posting Slay the Spire videos nearly daily for a while now as it up to his 574 (at time of writing). With State Share his viewers could play along while he is playing and fix is mistakes!

In the video above you can see you could make a different decision from him from word go. This could then result in competitions with your favourite Youtubers which you can then upload and compare results. I can see this becoming a sort of norm in the years to come.

Something similar is something Rhapsody is doing with Slay the Spire. He is asking his audience to design him challenges using the custom game option in Slay the Spire. This will offer people to design challenges and suggest them in the YouTube comments. Again this means everyone can play through the challenges as well.

Future features?

So as you can see there a options for State Share with Slay the Spire which can add a lot of interactivey. This brings to us things which could may be implemented further down the line. These ideas are pure speculation and have not been announced as possible but I believe they could be implemented.

One thing which streamers enjoy doing is a mod in which allows the views to use their actions in regards to card choices on twitch. I would hope that a similar feature could be implemented on Stadia. A Stadia plays Slay the Spire.

The second feature would be, and I think easier to implement, viewing daily runs (a run which is the same for everyone). Sometimes I look at the daily run and go how did they get that score. I think this a feature could really add so much to games of this type.

Slay the Spire has the real potential to showcase ways cloud gaming could give games endless replayability and introduce new ways to play games. I really hope MegaCrit bring Slay the Spire to stadia as it could become the showcase title on what cloud gaming can be and can become.