With the Gamescom and PAX West hype, a lot more people are interested in Stadia.  On various social media platforms and Reddit, a number of people are saying they are going all-in on Stadia and they are selling their existing gaming hardware to pay for Stadia.  This is a little foolhardy.  If you are changing platforms like you are with Stadia, this is risky but with Stadia, this risk is greater as there are a lot more variables in play.  

I am extremely excited about Stadia as there are so many benefits to it.  However, I am not getting rid of my Playstation 4, Xbox or PC (yes some people are mentioning getting rid of their gaming PC) in order to pay or use Stadia exclusively.  This may come in the months down the line but at the moment Stadia is not at a mature platform and there are too many questions marks about things.  Some of this a small and others are a lot larger and critical.

The first critical issue is, we don’t know how Stadia will work firstly in real-world and secondary in your own home.  This isn’t a putting a physical product out there and it will work, even Ouya did that, Stadia’s strength and weakness are that it is not tied to hardware so the limiting factor is the internet connection and the data centers. I am pretty confident that Stadia will work out in the wild however the question still comes will Stadia work for you in your house and will it work to a satisfactory level. Will Stadia work in your house is a pretty easy question.  Do you meet the speed requirements and country requirements? The second part is a lot more subjective and it will down to you to judge. 

Content is king.  Stadia have got some big titles and one I didn’t think they would get this early in Cyberpunk 2077.  However, the titles still need to be rounded out somewhat and a number of big titles are notable for there absence.   Some of these titles include the EA Sports series of games, Rockstar Games, and Activision’s Call of Duty.  While we know at least some EA game library is coming and Rockstar Games are making an appearance as well we don’t know about Activision as yet. 

We do not know how the platform features, be that party chat, achievements, family sharing etc are going to be implemented.  Some of them may be trivial to some and major to others.  You don’t game online with people party chat doesn’t matter.  You are an achievement hunter that will matter.  You want to share your library with your family that will be an issue.  

I think Stadia will change gaming as its a pure streaming platform however there is no need to sell or get rid of your existing hardware for the foreseeable future.  If you have to sell your consoles to pay for Stadia now just have patience and wait for Stadia Base next year. That way you can start playing at a lower entry cost just to see if it is right for you.