I was in the middle of writing an article about the last Stadia direct.  It was about how the games are coming but none are really showing why you should get Stadia.  Then the Football Manager news dropped. Football Manager 2020 will have features only available on Stadia as it is the only platform that can manage it. This is what Stadia should be pushing.

Now we have two games which can be argued that are best played on Stadia.  These being Football Manager and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.  I have said many times it’s not about getting all the games now it is about getting the right games.  These games should highlight why Stadia is the best way to play.  Getting games like CyberPunk 2077, Borderlands 3 and other big-name games are great but Stadia needs games to show the Stadia difference. 

The big-name games bring eyeballs to Stadia but don’t make people make the switch to Stadia. Features in the short term and exclusive games in the longer term will make people make the change.  The Football Manager 2020 exclusive features are a very interesting get.  The game is constantly in Steam’s most-played top 10 and usually within the top 5 games.  By adding exclusive features to a popular PC only title (this is the full-featured title) could bring in big numbers to Stadia.  Check out this article on Football Manager and why I think it’s going to be a massive seller on Stadia with our predictions coming somewhat true!

Stadia will have the games. EA, Rockstar and Capcoms games are still to be announced (don’t worry they are coming) we need to see more of the features on how gaming will be better on Stadia.  These announcements so far only the tip of the iceberg on what is possible on Stadia.  I can’t wait to see what else is coming.


What do you think do you want more games or games with Stadia only features?  Comment below.