Football Manager is an institution of game series. Every year it comes out, every year it’s a top selling game and every year people put 100s of hours into the game. Figures released before the launch of Football Manager 2019 in October last year said the average player for Football Manager 2018 played for 285 hours. That isn’t outline figures, that is average players and considering the number of players that is some achievement.

Everyone who plays Football Manager has their stories to tell. Bringing their local team from absolute to minnows to European champions. The wonderkids you have signed and turned them into world beaters. Dressing up for a cup finals! Signing the hidden gems and then watching how there careers unfold in both in game and in real life.

I have played Football Manager since Championship Manager 2 days (its earlier incarnation) and would buy it year in and year out. Over the last few years I haven’t been playing it as much due to a number of reasons. With Stadia getting Football Manager it has got me really excited for the prospect of playing it again.

A new home for Football Manager players?

With Football Manager on Stadia it brings the game back for lapsed and semi lapsed players. The opportunity to be able to play full Football Manager in a browser anywhere is really appealing. No downloads just start it up and away you go. Fitting in a couple of games on the way to work, at a lunch anywhere will game changing.

Football Manager on Stadia has a lot going for it. You won’t feel the need to get Stadia Pro to run it. This is because you shouldn’t see a real difference between Base and Pro versions. It also a yearly title and if Stadia is stopped by Google you won’t be losing a big investment.

With the launch of Gamepass for PC Football Manager was one of the most popular downloads. What the Stadia version of Football Manager will have over the Gamepass for PC version is you won’t need a PC to play it. Stadia market it right this could be a real standout title for them.

I believe that Football Manager will be one of the best sellers on Stadia and will have one of the highest player bases. With the game launching on Gamepass for PC it is one of the most popular games on that platform and reducing the need of a decent PC to run it will bring people to play it on Stadia. I am looking forward to playing it!