During the Stadia Connect in June, Ghost Recon Breakpoint was announced it was coming to Stadia. During the trailer there was brief reason why Stadia will be different to other platforms. On Stadia you will be able see what your squadmates are seeing in their screen via Stadias Stream Share feature.


Stream Share could usher in a new way to play multiplayer games in the future for both PVP and PVE games. Doing a raid in Destiny 2 and want to see where your squadmates are have a look. Playing Rainbow 6 and your teammate is in trouble you can look and see where he is. Stadia could become the must play way to play online games.

This feature could not be implemented into console and PC versions as cleanly. With Stadia as all the player is already streaming so no extra resources are needed for the players. All the processing and connecting of the streams is done at the Stadia end.

With Stadia being pure cloud based Stadia can push new ideas, new ways to play without having to appeal to the lowest common denominator ie consoles. Stadias true power and potential will show when the service launches.