It may seem weird to preview a game coming to Stadia which is already out.  However, I don’t want to presumptuous and do a review for a game without playing it on the platform first. We don’t know what features will be added, if any, and also how it will run on Stadia at the 4k level.   So with all the games, we are going to preview them then do a review when they come out.  As this is a preview I am leaving out most of the story and just giving a general overview of the game. Before we start I think it is better to come clean and say for me Assassins Creed Odyssey (AC:O) was game of the year for 2018.

AC:O is set in Greece during the Peloponnesian War and your role is one of a Misthios which in basic terms is a mercenary.  Breaking from tradition in an Assassins Creed games you get to choose your main character in either Alexios or Kassandra.  Choosing either does not make a difference to the story or the choices you can make.  The story begins and you start from humble beginnings and throughout the game, you level up (AC:O does have RPG elements), and battle your way across Greece.

The opening hours remind me of Zelda Breath of the Wild.  You learn the basics of the mechanics of the game on an isolated small island and when you leave the island you realize how big the world map is. The map may be big but as per the rest of the Assassin Creed games, there are fast travel points.  These are the normal towers that you can climb.  Some are massive statues and some are just small wooden structures.  They are somewhat varied.  Climbing, in general, is a lot easier as you for the most part if you see something you can normally climb it without thinking. This has had mixed reactions in the Assassins Creed community.

The quest system which AC: Origins introduced is further expanded in AC:O. There are so many quests that you should really never run out of them to do.  There are quest-boards at nearly every major settlement within the game.  This is on top normal quest givers within the game for both main quests and side quests.  You will not run out of things to do in Assassins Creed Odyssey and it will keep you entertained for many hours.

As you are in Greece there are a lot of Islands to discover and sailing becomes a big factor in your game.  You get access to a ship and you can upgrade and customize the ship throughout the game. However, you cannot fish! 

AC:O does venture into the world of mythology so you may encounter so creatures to slay during your adventures.  This adds to the spectacle of the game.  There are some visits to the present world however as per the norm for the last number of games these are very brief now.    

DLC is a massive part of the game.  There is a ton of both free and paid DLC which adds to the game.  The free DLC adds a number of new side quests to the game. The paid DLC comes in three different flavors.  These being Cosmetic, Season Pass Story pack and Time Savers.   The controversial one is Time Savers.  The Time Savers come in a couple of different ways.  Unlocks on the map for some of the collectibles, level up quicker and get money quicker.  Everyone has their own thoughts on these and will go into more detail when we do the review of the game.  As with most things they aren’t as bad as some people make out but they aren’t good either.  

The season pass is divided into 2 storylines, Legacy of the First Blade and Fate of Atlantis.  Each of these storylines is divided into 3 distinct parts and each will take a number of hours to complete.  Legacy of the First Blade is based in Greece and the Fate of Atlantis is based on 3 new lands to adventure in.  Depending on how you play the game if you have explored the map fully impacts the length of Legacy of First Blade.  The fate of Atlantis I have found took me around 10 hours for each land. 

Assassins Creed Odyssey is a massive game.  You can complete it 25 – 30 hours if you just rush through the main Storyline and skip the side quests. If you want to fully explore and the game and find some of the secrets, finish the questlines the game, before the season pass will push you close or over the 100-hour mark.  

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