The Founders edition of Stadia gets you everything you need to get gaming on Stadia when it launches in November. The burning question is it worth the money and should you buy it? We will try and see if buying the Stadia is worth it for you at at launch.

Getting Stadia at launch is different to regular game console launches. With the Founders Edition it is feeling that it is a paid soft launch. By this I mean it is getting the eager adopters to try it out in limited numbers as they want to scale up the service more slowly. As it is cloud based getting a rough estimate on how many users will playing on the first few days we help them plan ahead. This isn’t a typical gaming launch as it is limited numbers and limited countries .

With that in mind the first thing to check is that Stadia is launching in your country. Stadia is only launching in 14 to countries to start with. So it goes without saying if your country isn’t on the list it is worth the Founders Edition.

Next thing to check is that you meet the minimum requirements for internet speed.  If you don’t meet the minimum requirement then Stadia is probably not for you at this time.  Also if you aren’t going to get the quality you would like it may be worth waiting till Stadia Base launches next year.

Non technical barriers and reasons to get Stadia Founders Edition

With only a couple of months to go until launch there is so much still unclear what is coming at launch with Stadia. My feeling is that Stadia will be coming in with just the essentials at launch. Some of the features like State share may not be available at launch and will be added gradually as the service matures. We also do not know of any games officially launching with the service bar maybe Destiny 2.

If something worth the value is a personal thing. For me the Founders Edition is great value as I do not have a Chromecast Ultra. Getting three months of Stadia Pro for my partner and I with a controller is worth the price of admission. If you already have a Chromecast it makes the value prospect less appealing.

I like the look of the limited edition Night Blue controller and the only way you can get that colour is to get the Founders Edition. This isn’t a big factor for myself to get it. Also related to this is you get a founders badge for your profile.

Getting your gamertag for a new service is a must for some people and the only way to guarantee to get your pick of gamertag is to get the Founders Edition. You will know if this is something important for you or not.

Stadia is new and if you get the Stadia Founders Edition you get in at the start. You will be first to really play it and help give the direction it should go. Play anywhere with anything. Automatically backup all your gaming experiences for the rest of your life onto YouTube. Make your own challenges in games for people to compete in. Stadia has endless possibilities and no limitations. I feel will make new genres of games, give old games new life and make them come alive again.

What do I think?

In my own personal opinion I think it’s well worth it. I pre-ordered my Founders edition as soon as the link became live. There are a lot of concerns about Stadia but I truly believe in it and if you are in the Founders Edition you will get to shape the future of cloud gaming. If you are on the fence about Stadia you can wait to see how things pan out or wait till Stadia Base next year.