If you are are a regular reader of this site you may have noticed a few changes of the last couple of weeks. This week, as you may have noticed, been a lot quieter. This is because we have been working on to get things done behind the scenes. We are constantly trying to improve all aspects of the Stadia Crowd to give everyone more choice in how they get Stadia news.

As of today, we have this website and this will be the primary source of news. We also have a Twitter account which you can follow for the latest news. Our Facebook page has been expanded to also include a The Stadia Crowd group for any discussions you may want to have on Stadia. We have now started venturing onto YouTube as well. By following all of our social media 

Today we would like to announce that we have partnered with the most active Stadia Discord. This partnership will help everyone in getting all the news and discussion out about Stadia. We hope you all will join and take part.

Going forward we are going to continue to update regularly to give you all things related to Stadia. We would like to close and say it has been just over a month since we launched The Stadia Crowd and it has been great so far and your support and feedback has been most appreciated.