We are approaching the final weeks until Stadias launch and we still have so many questions about the service. Stadia’s competitors have started to apply pressure. Is Stadia still going to be a success and prosper?

Stadia’s biggest issues are that we are all to inpatient for news and to play the service adding into this is Stadia’s reluctance to share more details of the service. We are a month or so away from launch and news is still thin on the ground and there are so many unanswered questions.

This is because they can get away with it as this is no ordinary gaming platform launch. They are launching a cloud gaming service. There will be no consumer hardware revisions needed. For us the consumer’s the vast majority of the changes going forward will be made in the software. This means they will be constantly adding new features, tweaking them up till launch.



So with that, they won’t know what features will available as they are still working on them and will continue to work on them. Could some of the most wanted features get added before launch? I do hope so. They are currently looking for feedback on the Stadia Reddit on what features they should prioritize.

I would like a clear roadmap of features they are looking at both short term and long term. The example I will use and while the platform has its critics is the Epic Game Store. On their Trello page, you can see what is coming up next, what’s been completed and whats on the long finger.

While I would imagine they would want to keep some things secret like cloud-only features like Crowd Play or State Share more consumer requested features could be put on the board. That way a proper roadmap could be seen.

At this time there should be locked in features for the launch and in my view, Stadia need to let us know what is coming at launch. There is even the simple question is on how do we launch a game? Do you load the Stadia app on the Chromecast and it’s like a normal console-like experience? Or do you select a game from the Stadia app on your phone to play? While I think it will be the former you can’t rule out the latter either.

As we are around a month away till launch you would think it would be reasonable to know what games will be launching with the platform. At this moment we know of only 4 games confirmed to be coming at launch. Destiny 2, Football Manager, Grid and Kine. Many people have been confused by the launch window talk which is understandable.


Football Manager coming to Stadia


During the first presentation, it was said that “the first wave of games available at launch”. This did not mean all the games would be available at launch. It was meaning launch window and games coming at some stage. It then led into Baldurs Gate 3 which is no way a launch title and further into the presentation mentioned Get Packed which is coming next year.

Playstation is starting to push Playstation Now a lot more. Their recent announcement in cutting the price and starting to add big 1st Party games to the service will have a lot of people curious about the service. This is especially as PS Now streaming is available on the PC as this reduces the barrier in trying it.

Stadia could revolutionize gaming but they sometimes make things more difficult for themselves. I hope we will get more information soon as some people are starting to get a little nervous about release dates, price, competition.

Stadia give us another Connect!