One of the most asked questions about Stadia is if it can run games in your Steam library. The answer is no as Stadia is a new platform. There is however a streaming option for you in Shadow.

As Shadow is running Windows 10 it gives you have full freedom on it, install what you want and ultimately can use it as your main PC. As it it is cloud based you can stream to anything. Be that a laptop, tablet, phone even an Apple TV.

Shadow do plan to upgrade the hardware periodically and the internet connection your Shadow has is 1000mbs. So downloading games isn’t a problem.

I have been using it for a while and it has proved to me that cloud game is ready to go now. So if I like why I am more excited about Stadia? It comes down to a couple of things some small and some not so small.

As it is a PC you get all the positives you can think off. You have mod support, access to Steam, can use it for work or study. However you are left with the negatives of PC gaming. Having to tune the game to get it to run right. Playing on the Tv is a little more troublesome.

Shadow has a big problem in storage as you only get 256 gb. Buying more storage has been coming soon for a while now and doesn’t look it will be happening for a while longer. This is sort off counteracted by the fast internet connect. For Stadia this won’t be a issue as you just start your game and go.

With my playing about with Shadow for me there is a bit of processor bottleneck. Shadow boasts of 4K gaming. While the graphics card is fine the processor is letting it down. Tuning some games the processor is holding the graphics back. While you may be able to get to 4K in some games I find usually it’s about 1080p.

Shadow has so much potential. Lag has not been an issue for me while playing it even in multiplayer games. While I’m no pro gamer I have been able to play at the same level as before. I have managed to play League of Legends and Overwatch to reasonable standard.

I have used it various places including a stadium during the period breaks. There is catch Shadow costs around £32 / $35 on a month by month plan. To put that in context that’s dearer that Stadia Pro and Uplay + a month and that’s assuming Uplay + is the same price on Stadia.

Overall if you are looking to get a PC which you stream Shadow is a really good option. The technology works and it feels local to me.