We would like to welcome you to The Stadia Crowd which is a site dedicated to all things Stadia. Our name comes down to crowds are part and parcel of Stadia throughout the world. So we hope you will be part of our crowd in weeks, months and years to come.

The Stadia Crowd is independent news site so we be forthright in our views both positively and negatively. We do believe that game streaming is the future of gaming both short term and long term. Game streaming will be a great liberator and will eventually lower the barrier to entry to gaming for everyone.

With cloud gaming it brings in a lot of wonderful potential for games. Games can be built for streaming from the ground up. Old games can become evergreen with new challenges and modes added to them. Games can be played everywhere and how you would like. We at the Stadia Cloud will explore the potential in the build up and after the launch of Stadia.

The Stadia Crowd will be bringing news, reviews, editorials, tips and tricks on the website. We will be leveraging the features of Stadia for our reviews as we intend to stream our games to YouTube. The Stadia Crowd also want to showcase the best use of Stadia in the games for example with the save state functionality.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We hope you will join us as we develop over time.