On various online forums the most misunderstood features of Stadia is Stadia Pro. Is it a Netflix like service? Do you keep the games after your subscription ends? Do you have to subscribe? We will try and explain on what the service is and what it is not.

The first thing to say is the service is completely optional. To play games on Stadia you do not have to have Stadia Pro. You will be able to play games including free to play games. Going against the grain for console like experiences, for multiplayer Stadia Pro is not required to access it.

Stadia Pro is basically a mix between Playstation Plus and Playstation Pro. You will get the incentives of Playstation Plus with the “free” games each month, money of games. The first first of these games will be the complete Destiny 2 collection including the new expansion. Like Playstation Plus you only get to keep these while you are subscribing to Stadia Pro.

What the big difference is the Playstation Pro like upgrades you get for subscribing. You will get up to 4k streaming and 5.1 surround sound which is an upgrade from 1080p and stereo sound on the base version.

Stadia Pro is only worth it I feel if you are going to use the 4k option / are able to. This may change if the discounts you get on games are aggressive. As we don’t know the pricing model as yet we cannot make the decision.