During the Stadia AMA a question was asked when was the next Stadia Connect and the response was

An eagle eyed Reddit user sofaspy has noticed that Stadia has started putting ads featuring this question. Is this an indication of a Stadia Connect coming soon?

We have already been told that we will get more information about Stadia around Gamescom time. Gamescom is just under a month away so does this mean we will get two? I would hope we do as with the news that over 4000 developers have inquired about Stadia and with AMA there will be a lot of content to cover.

With the Connect(s) we know that we won’t find out any information about the UI as they have said we won’t find out anything more until November regarding them. I would think they would concentrate more on going over what we know now following the AMA and reillerating the difference between Stadia Base and Stadia Pro. I also expect a few game announcements as we have not heard about EA and Rockstar as yet and they are listed as working with Stadia.

If we don’t hear anything in the next week or so there will only be on Connect. With the amount of things to discuss and games to announce there should be enough for two Stadia Connects between now and Gamescom.

What do you think? When will the next Stadia Connect be? What will be in it or what do you want to be in it? Comment below.