In case you have missed it streamer Ninja has signed exclusively to stream on Microsofts streaming platform Mixer. This has not come cheap to Microsoft with various reports saying it is in excess of $50 million.

Microsoft has paid this amount this amount for two main reasons. The most obvious one is to boost its Mixer streaming platform. Mixer is innovative and good platform but is missing the key ingredient in that the audience is relatively small. By grabbing one of, if not the biggest, streamer is a major coup for Mixer. This will increase viewers for Mixer in the short term.

The second is a longer term strategy which involves Stadia. One of Stadias major draws is you can jump straight into playing a game if you a view a game in YouTube. Microsoft are going to leverage Mixer in the same way for xCloud. By getting Ninja this is part of this longer term strategy for xCloud.

What do you think? Do you think Google will respond and get another big streamer? Will this make a difference? Comment below.