We are at the point where we are still speculating on what older games are going to be ported to Stadia. One game which I predicted in coming and still hasn’t been announced is Civilization 6. With the recent announcement of the Xbox and PS4 ports of Civilization, a Stadia port announcement looks imminent.



With the console launch, cross-save is enabled (bar the PS4 version).  What this means in practice like Destiny 2 you will be able to continue your save no matter what device you play on.  For Stadia’s users, an example would be playing on Stadia and then using the cross-save version to play on a Switch if there is no internet access.  

What increases the likelihood of the Stadia port is that the console versions you need a controller, which is a requirement for Stadia.  Also, the release date is very curious as well.  Civilization is due to launch on consoles 22nd November.  This is around the rumored date of the Stadia launch.  Stadia’s launch is being speculated to be around the 14th or 21st of November.  I feel Civilization is another good title for Stadia and would be a must get for Civilization fans to allow them to play anywhere.